• Image of Vest - Light Up, Color Changing, Faux Fur, Sparkly Playa Coat Full Length Vest

Sparkly sequins, color-changing lights with super soft lining!

Sexiness, fun and lights will make you the life of any event in this eye catching Faux Fur Sparkly Light Up Sleevess Full-length Coat Vest.

Handmade, unqie design. Free sized to fit women from Size Small to a Men's Large comfortably. Wears well. Convenient battery pack with remote so you choose what color or color pattern your light up fur turns. There is 44+ color movement light pattens.

Don't hide in the shadows. Stand out with this magical Sparkle Coat named after the company founder "Pro$perity" because this coat is bound to ATTRACT WEALTH to you.

Ballers and Ballers-in-training welcome to enjoy this coat. Payment plans and custom colors available.

Vest Coat listed comes in Black/Gold/Silver/Opal Sequin combination with beige fur trim and 4 meters of color changing lights and 8-AA battery pack with batteries.